What Is Your Color Palette?

It takes less than 4 seconds to make a first impression. Color is one of the most important impression markers. The right colors WILL enhance your appearance!

Stop Looking FRUMPY – Let’s Explore COLOR

Tired of playing it SAFE by wearing only a few colors?

If so, invest in yourself and learn how to dress with intention.

Sample Color Palettes

What colors make you look healthier, younger, or vibrant? Do you look better in cool or warm color clothing, accessories and makeup? Did you know that there are certain colors to wear that that make one look more authoritative or friendly? Have you ever looked in your closet and felt you had nothing to wear?

Identify 40 colors that will look amazing on YOU

Personalized makeup colors to make you GLOW

Match colors with ease to expand your wardrobe

Receive a personalized Color Wheel

Call me and let’s schedule a Color Analysis for just $150.00.

A Color Analysis includes my consultation, analysis, a color palette of 40 colors to make you look your best and a customized makeup lesson with tips and techniques!

The Lifestyle Palette is a shopping tool to help save money on future unflattering purchases.

What are you waiting for?

Look and feel beautiful inside and out!

Contact Me!


When you are wearing the right makeup colors, your complexion looks luminous. Gray shadows under your eyes and nose seem to evaporate. You look more rested and healthy. Your makeup flatters your features and coloring, INSTEAD of competing with them.

See For Yourself!

Watch as you see the change in your face with wearing YOUR perfect color.  It is really unbelievable.