Dress the BODY you have!

Look polished and own a wardrobe that meets YOUR lifestyle needs.Image Skin and Spa 57

You must be open to getting out of your comfort zone, try new things and want to look confident!​

What Shape Are YOU?

When you understand your OUTSIDE LINE, you will be able to easily look at clothes even before you try them on and decide whether they will be best for you.  Outside line is determined by the curved or linear lines of your body. 

curved outside line body proportions


Clothing shapes emphasize the shoulder line and curves of the body with waist emphasized.

Curved Linear Body Shape


Clothing shapes emphasize the shoulder line, waist, and body contours without overemphasis.

Linear body line


Clothing shapes emphasize the shoulder line while they skim over body contours.  Styling suggests waist and contours without overemphasis. 

Who is in your closet?

How many times do you get “DRESSED” in the mornings? Does it take 2-3 changes to find just the right outfit?

It can be FUN and EXCITING to create looks that make you feel GOOD about yourself! Knowing what colors and styles look best on you can make getting dressed each day easier. Additionally, presenting yourself well can have an impact on those around you.

Together let’s identify what IS working and what is NOT working.

Dress for your body size

Create outfits from what you already own in your closet.

Dress for your body size

Personalize your wardrobe and give you a closet that is totally YOURS!

Personalized Style just for you

All it takes is a phone call to start!

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